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Epic Stories

The Sons of Mars

The Sons of Mars

Book One: Betrayal and Revenge

Rome thirsts for war, sending the patriarchal Houses of Rome off to war. Antonius the Second is sent to Gaul to avenge the countless Romans who have fallen into barbarian hands. In Rome, his father, who sits on the House of Julii's chair, is killed, his brother taking the throne. Lucius Silvanus, the cut-throat whom all Rome ignorantly admires, orders the liquidation of Antonius the First's only living heir. Antonius must fight his way through the trap and find a way to avenge his father's death, and in the process, rescue Rome from one of the most ruthless tyrants it's ever seen.

Book Two: Red Storm Rising
(Coming Soon)

Antonius sits in his father's chair and the war with Gaul continues. The general of the House of Julii's Second Legion, a soldier by the name of Decimus, is ordered to march for Mediolanium to force the Gallic King to sign his tribal nation over to Rome as a protectorate. Amidst the bloody battles rises a young soldier, Quintus Marcellus, who redefines what Roman glory is all about. He will have to prove himself before all of Rome when Decimus is captured and only he has the courage to go against Gaul - and the odds - to rescue him.

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Book One: Betrayal and Revenge

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