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Epic Stories
Book One: Betrayal and Revenge excerpt
The Sons of Mars

An excerpt from The Sons of Mars: Book One

Silvanus drew a deep breath of cold wintry air, the chill burning the inside of his nose. He smiled at the feeling and returned to the dining hall. “My bidding? My bidding is Rome, Gaias. I have no illusions; I will have to deal with Carthage and Greece, and even the houses of Brutii and Scipii. They must be eliminated.”

“Sir, the Senate-“

“The Senate will fall in a week. They are politicians, not warriors. Put a sword to their throat and they will fall. The Senate is no problem to us. Six weeks from now we will have the manpower to demand the Roman Republic be made an Empire, with me as Emperor. There is only one thing – one man – standing in my way. We must liquidate Antonius’ heir, who will be receiving the call to return home as his father has fallen to the sword. He will be deeply grieved, and he will take the position. We will have to step down, and so many lives will be wasted for nothing. If we take him while he sits in his father’s chair, all of Rome will be suspicious, and we will be crucified outside the city walls. That cannot happen. We must eliminate Antonius’ son before we can make a move to control Rome. Gaias, I am putting you in command of Antonius’ army. Eliminate Antonius and do my bidding.”

Gaias grinned. “It shall be done, sir.” He stood. “Strength and honor.”

Silvanus returned, “Strength and honor.”

Gaias left, leaving Silvanus alone. Silvanus walked to the balcony and leaned over the railing, the city spread below him, a quilt of many fabrics and colors and textiles. “He who controls Rome,” he mused, looking upon the glorious city, “controls the world.”